We should do something together, but he never actually does it?

this guy keeps saying we should catch a movie together, do this together, do that together, but we never actual do it cause he never actually goes through with the plan


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  • it's easier than facing the potential rejection of an actual date ask. You should laugh the next time and say something like "lol, you keep threatening to take me to a movie but never actually do, what's up with that?"

  • Why don't you make the plans then? Take the lead.

    • i would, and i have in the past, but he acts like he doesn't actually want to hang out with me. this guy is really confusing. he'll tell me we should catch a movie, then when we actually set plans, he'll say something came up or he'll invite someone else to come a long.

    • I think you should move on from him if that's the case. He sounds like he's just keeping you hanging on and is a time waster.

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