I need help with deciding on wether to trust him or not?

There is this guy, that i've met few weeks ago and i really like him. However not too long ago my friend told me that he is kind of a casanova ( which i knew from before, because he had a lot of girlfriends and they cheated on him or they didn't trust him so he broke up with them ) so my friend was told by one guy (he knows the guy i like) that there is a possibility that he might cheat on me too (because he was cheated before) if we would want to move our relationship further (he has already had sex many times before). So i'm sure that i won't stop being friends with him only because of that, but if we would like to get into further relationship should i acknowledge this now and talk with him about it or wait until our relationship develops?


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  • I would say that you should talk about it first and be cautious with guys like him. Once a player usually a player. Sorry for the wait for my answer

  • my dear friend, it's all about your choice


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