How often should I text her?

I met a girl a month ago at my cousins networking event. We spent the majority of the time talking to each other. After about an hour+ of talking she left. As soon as she left my cousin came over and asked me if i got her number. I said i didn't n my cousin then said that after spending all that time talking to her, not asking for her # was stupid. I acknowledged she was right n then asked if she could ask her friend if it was ok if my cousin gave me her number. She said she would ask...

Fast forward a month later (to last Thursday) my cuz randomly texts me with the girls number. She said the girl wanted her to give it to me...

I hit her up for the first time yesterday, n she was pretty responsive. We probably sent 15 texts each back n forth over the course of6 hours. I was the last one to send a message...

My question is, how long should i wait before i hit her up again? We talked yesterday so i was gonna wait til Thursday or Friday afternoon. Is that ok? Im not trynna seem thirsty. My intention is to set up a time for us to hang out again

What do u think?


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