I want a girl friend and I have never even remotely flirted with women?

I have been sexually repressed most of my life (mostly because I am a basment dwelling goblin), and I am sick of being lonely. I go to college and see cute girls all the time I glance at them and sometimes I get looks back, but nothing of interest or any sence that they would even be considering me. I don't think it is how I look, I am average height, just bareley chubby, but nothing to revolt someone, and I am averagely attractive (not the elephant man or anything). I would consider myself to be funnier than the average person. I just don't know what to do at all. I have 0 experience with flirting or romantic relationships and I just don't know what I need to do to attract women. I would approach women but I wouldn't even know what to say, I feel like it would be painfully obviouse that I am just hitting on them, I am not so socially inept that i can't have a conversation I just dont really have anything to say to strangers. like ill go to the library and ill see girls studying and ill think to myself " wow she is really cute I wish I had a reason to go overthere and tell her i think she is cute and i would like to get to know her without sounding totally desprate or creepy." I just feel like it is too easy to just brush it off as some guy who is just trying to get some easy slash, or what ever. Its not like I am afraid of talking to anyone I just feel like I need a reason first. please help me.


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  • Just be patient

    • i have been for 20 years and im sick of it.

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