Why is this guy being creepy?

We dated 2 years ago and broke up because he had to 'find himself' and wasn't ready for a relationship. But now every 2 months he has been working in the same locations as my mom and asking her heaps of personal questions about me and also about my dating life... He knows I've dated after him and just too much info on me. However he is sharing HEAPS about him too, he even asks my mum to go for coffee and they just chat about me?

Why is he being so creepy?


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  • It sounds like he's not over you, and maybe somewhere in his mind, thinks if he can get close to your mom, he can somehow get close to you. I mean, why else would someone you're no longer dating be so involved or want to know so much about you personally if they weren't over you. He's Facebook stalking you, but like IRL!


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