Girls, Do you actually like getting approach, complimented, and asked out? Cause in my experience you really don't seem to like it?

All of the couples I know just kind of coupled up. They never really went for each other to much. It just kind of happened. I think one of my freinds that is married actually did a hard approach and she took a risk and tried it.

Do you just have to find a one in a million that likes you or do more girls like it than I think and just hide it cause they don't want to date?
  • We love it even if we don't like the guy
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  • It is ok every once in a while depends on if I like the guy
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  • It won't mean much if we don't like the guy
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  • I hate it unless I like the guy then I don't want him trying
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  • I'm not ready so I get rid of a guy as soon as possible
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  • I like it regardless of the guy
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  • I get rid of the guy by calling him a creep and then decide if I liked it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't when it's about my appearance.

    • So you would like it to be more about your intelligents. What if a guy does not know you? What approach would you like a guy trying on you?

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    • lolz it kind of does.

    • Just be fun and don't show you're too interested :p

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What Girls Said 2

  • Yah but only if it's in person.

    • Yeah I definitely understand that.

  • Yeah who doesn't

    • Lol apparently all the girls in my college don't.

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