Is she using my bestfriend to get to me?

This girl and i dated for 5 months, this was 2 years ago and we haven't contacted till moddle of last year. Most recently though she has been bumping into my best friend and wanting to go for lunch with her or even making an effort to strike a converstaion, then when they go she asks a ton of things about me, who im dating, how im going? Then she tells her everything. She even told her she spent valentines day with her sister...

Its not like they hang out any other time or have socials rogether on the net.

Why might she be doing this? They werent even friends before/during we dated,,,
  • she's trying to get me back
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  • She is using my bestfriend for info on me
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  • Usualy, signs like this mean that she stillmight not be 101% over you and wants to know about your current life details. Dont get me wrong, every woman is different, but shouldn't she be asking those sorts of questions about her new date and let you move on? And by the way could you check out my post too, I need some man advice

  • No she isn't

    • Then why ask so much about me?

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