Best and work pick up lines you ever heard/ used?


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  • A guy recently stalked me around a store after I told him I am happily married. He kept saying, "I just want to HAVE you. What doe I have to do to HAVE you?" It was awful. Even I I was single, I would never want a guy who was set on owning me like an object.


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  • The only pick-up line that ever worked for me was saying "nice shoes!" in a somewhat sarcastic way to a pretty girl in a night club who was walking by.

    She then turned around and french kissed me right then and there. She was extremely drunk though. I think I might as well have said, "Ooga booga!" and might have had the same result.

    Otherwise my best line to initiate a conversation was usually more like, "Hey, how's it going?"


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  • You wanna try an Australian kiss? It's like french but down under


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