My almost/kinda boyfriend just got his dream summer job that is an all summer job 4 hours away. What do I do?

I want to cry! He's been away at college all year which has been hard as hell and I was sooo looking forward to our summer together bc I think we were finally going to be official. But he just found out that he got this job that he's wanted forever and I told him how proud of him I am and I told him congrats but I'm also crushed and I wonder what he's thinking besides being excited and I wonder wha this means for us. I just want him to commit to me and so we can officially be together and do distance or whatever. I don't know help please!!!


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  • Do u think that he loves u. It seems to me like the feelings are only one sided. A little bit like u will always be the second choice if u understand what I mean. I can be wrong that's just my first impression I got

    • No I get what you mean. Well I think we both like eachother a lot, he's just never wanted to do long distance and we almost didn't start talking 2 years ago bc he knew he would b leaving a didn't wanna do distance but we tried stop talking and we couldn't so we are basically together and talk everyday and call eachother babe etc

    • Yeah but if u both love each other that much. Then u would try to be with each other and make things possible

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