Do you need to have strong chemistry to have a long relationship with someone?

I heard there are 5 different typles of chemisty. Typle #1 tear each other clothes off.
2. We're so comfortable chemistry. 3. We laugh like together chemistry. 4. We're so compmentary chemistry. 5. We have so much in common. with my first girlfriend rh sexually chemistry was out of this word.. and we had few things in common I don't really remember but I know I love her greatly and had stronger chemistry with her then my current girlfriend. my current girlfriend is a lot like my ex but at the same time she not. our chemistey is good but not our sexually chemistry or how I feel just by looking at her I don't know how to explain it.


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  • I would say so, yes.

    Chemistry is important and you need to mesh well on multiple levels to make a relationship last. Physical attraction and sexual chemistry are important but not as important as other things.


    • Do u think u could tell me why I felt the last two stronger with my ex? then my current girlfriend who is miles better then my ex.

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