Does he Like me?

So I have a coworker that I've thought was cute for a few months now and we'd always have small talk at work but recently we've been talking a lot more. It all started when him and I and another coworker (girl) were gonna hangout to go bowling, but she ended up not being able to go. He told me he'd still go so we ended up going! We were walking into a food place to get fries and he's says, "this is a fun coworker date, or should I say date..." and I said, "it's whatever you want it to be" and he said, "okay, it's a fun date!" Then he opened the door for me. He seemed to be having a good time, it was never awkward, we had great conversations. While we were driving home he said he really likes talking to me and had a good time... the next few days at work he asked me if I could sign him up for a trial at the gym I go to so we could hangout, and play basketball and do weights. I said yes and we went that night. While we were working out I made a comment that I was hot, while I took off my hoodie and he said yeah you are... and he didn't even say kidding! The next night we went to the gym again, but mid work out he said that we should get to know each other more personally. I said okay! He then presumed to ask some questions, like do you have any siblings, etc. but as we were working out I saw he was snapping a girl, no big deal but it just caught my eye. It just confuses me that he asked to get to know each other better but he never texts me, snap chats me, etc. He only talks to me at work! So I'm just not sure if he's into me or not... we only talk outside of work if I text or snap him. Should I just show it more than I like him or just straight up tell him? What do I do.


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  • I think that if he likes talking to you personally it counts more than snap or a text... it means he thinks you are interesting. I think that he likes you, but you guys are still getting to know eachother, that's why he talks to another girl I guess, and it can also be just a friend.


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