Breaking up? how to tell?

how do you know when its really over, or your just going through a funk?
I've been dating this guy for over a year and I just wanna know what some of the signs are for breaking up or is it just a funk. also is it true guys get mini crushes on people even when they are dating someone


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  • i think you can tell when a relationship is dying out. it just becomes a routine seeing each other (you dont get butterflies etc) or your not as happy & you prefer your own space. but i think if you love someone then it is going to get boring you just have to work at it. All relationships have lows. I think you should try and do spontaneous things to create excitement again & if you feel nothings changed then definitely speak to that person & see whats the best for both of you :) & as for the other question guys do get crushes its a natural thing but if he truly loves you then he wouldn't think twice about it. May just pass his mind as you're his 1st priority :)


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