I sometimes misinterpret my bf's sarcasm?

My boyfriend likes to be sarcastic, sometimes his "jokes" make me a little uncomfortable. But, sometimes I misinterpret things or I get offended by them. We typically communicate through text so it's MUCH harder to convey the sarcasm. However, he'll typically tell me "I'm only messing with you and being sarcastic" and then things are awkward after that.

Maybe i I am just seeing things in a negative light? Or I am too sensitive. Maybe we just aren't compatible?

i mean, I am a sarcastic person too. Sometimes he doesn't get my jokes either. I'll make the same jokes he does, and then he'll just coke off coldly and not reply to me for a few hours.
Come off **


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  • I was at K-Mart one day with an friends with benefits. And we walked by the clearance section. Well I saw Spider-man bed sheets and very sarcastically said "Oh, I want that." So what did she do? She surprised me ON MY B-DAY with those sheets because she thought I was dead serious about them.

    Fast forward 2 months later. We are walking by the same section. This time I am serious and go over there and mention that I might as well look for a blanket it to match now. Well she took it as me mocking her and insulting what she did for me. And she broke down crying in the middle of the main walkway in K-Mart. So I turned and started walking out of the store then.

    So I understand how sarcasm can lead to fights.

    • I mean, I understand his sarcasm at times. But, other times I don't. Also, sometimes his sarcasm just isn't funny to me. But, I feel awkward after him sayin "I am only kidding". I feel stupid and Uncomfortable and like there is distance between us. Then, he'll often tell me "stop being negative". Like what? I just ugh

    • He doesn't understand how you really feel afterwards. So he is assuming you are "negative" when really you are something else. So he needs to ask you what you are feeling or you might have to just tell him how you feel and that he was wrong in his guess of your mood.

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