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Alice is 19. She's a college student majoring in environmental engineering. She's very intelligent, top of her class, she's funny and sociable, has friends everywhere and is a generally well liked person. She has bad rage outbursts sometimes, but most of the time she just doesn't feel comfortable showing any emotions. She's a very religious girl who lives by the Bible and the Catholic church. She's very romantic; she wants prince charming on his white horse, likes big gestures and love declarations. One of her biggest dreams is to get married with the perfect husband, and have 3 kids someday.

Izzy is 19 and a college student majoring in civil engineering. She's not the brightest student in her year, but she manages to get by. She's too quiet at first -- she gives off a strong 'do not mess with me' vibe -- but after you get to know her, she's bright and funny. She's sociable but not very friendly; she goes out often, but she prefers to have only a few close friends. She's emotive and very sensitive, she has an adventurous soul. Sometimes she gets sad out of nowhere and needs space. She's not the girl for big gestures or fancy dinners; she'd rather eat a street döner and just talk. She dreams of traveling the world with her S. O.
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  • Izzy sounds like the type of girl that would make a porno with ex boyfriend friend.
    Alice sounds like she will be successful but then realizes she is a shitty person deep down inside.
    Side note- one of romantic lover is a tweaker and he fucked a cat.
    If your mind is swirling around, it should be.

    • I'm laughing SO hard xD they're both characters from a piece I'm writing and I wanted to know who to choose as my main character's love interest, these are actually not bad plot ideas hahahah

    • Glad you like them, I'm actually fucking Alice's "best friend" Izzy or Alice have no idea! And never would she because while Izzy and Alice are to busy deciding who to be, she realizes that she's not as attractive as she thinks, and both of the characters name have a smelly pussy due to the tweaker romantic cat fucker lover. you should probably add that in there too.

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