What type of lady is a dentist interested in?

Is there a certain profession that he may be more inclined to pick someone to date from? I am a Realtor and work at a financial services company as well. I'm currently working on my securities license. Would I be at a high enough level that he may be interested?


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  • I have relatives and friends who are very successful dentists and physicians, who have their own practice and make really good money. I noticed that many of them tend to gravitate towards the sweet, pretty, innocent girl. They want someone who is young (19-24) and is ready to settle down. They want a housewife, but a housewife with hobbies. Someone who wants a family.

    Point is, they don't give a shit about her profession because at the end of the day they go for innocence, youth, and beauty.

    • Okay to go a step further this guy is 42 years old, super fit, and divorced a few years ago. I'm 28 tall, skinny fit and blonde. I think I have the looks for it but do you think age is going to be a factor? Will he think I'm too young?

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    • Wouldn't this type of guy be used to girls throwing themselves at him? I don't just want to be another girl.

    • Yeah, and those conversations usually go like this..."So, you're a dentist wow", 'Do you like shopping, traveling? Etc."

      A simple "How are you?" Doesn't hurt.

  • Guys don't care as much about women's status as women do about men's status. I hate to be sexist, but: #1 looks #2) sexiness sex drive #3) Humor/personality...#103.6) Social status/money

    Not to say that it's not a factor at all, but it ain't at the top neither.

    • Ok I just don't know why I'm so drawn to him. I think I have looks going for me but was worried my social status wasn't high enough. He is 42 years old and I am 28

    • You're a *little* young for him, and a reasonable percentage of guys would be uncomfortable with that age difference. That said, it could work, depending on what you and he are looking for.

  • Men tend to not care about women job/money as much as the other way around, unless she working as an prostitute. He more likely to care more about how good you looks.


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