How to recover from feeling awkward after not getting his sarcasm?

The guy I'm dating can be sarcastic every once in a while, and sometimes, unfortunately I don't get it. Or, I take it personally or respond seriously to it. I am typically kidding however, but he interprets it as me being serious. Anyways, sometimes there's a misunderstanding of jokes/sarcasm (especially because it's through text) and then things become awkward and heavy.

Im not sure what to do or how to handle it, and intend to beat myself up (he already is always telling me "don't be so negative").


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  • just say I dont get it maybe u should try harder or explain urself properly in a sarcastic way


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  • Tbh... you don't understand him and neither does he. If you can't understand a person in a relationship then your relationship will fall.
    My boyfriend is also sarcastic... super sarcastic but he says apart from his mother and me nobody can bear his sarcasm. I also enjoy with him coz our thoughts are similar.

    • True... we are probably not compatible. I am considering it all...

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    • Haha, I already am constantly frustrated. I don't understand him, or why he does things. I also feel this is because he doesn't communicate very well. He simply tells me "just trust I am not doing anything to hurt you. That's not why I'm here, dating you". But, I don't know. We often have misunderstandings with sarcasm and jokes.

    • I understand. You should leave him

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  • just chill baby!!!

    • Lmaooo, now you sound like him

    • haha... never dear I just like to talk and chat and fun

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