Should I ask my best friend out on a date?

I've liked her for a while now, but to make my exact position clear: She's my friend first, crush second. I'm fine with being friend zoned by her and being normal friends still, it's not "all or nothing." What I'm afraid of is that she won't understand, and I might lose her as a friend. It does seem like she likes me that way sometimes, but it's not particularly clear, and I might just be misreading her. Should I risk it, or keep things the way they are?


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  • make sure she is on here and have her ask me the question after you talk to her and I'll help. without that, it's a razor's edge. a dangerous place to be. you can see for yourself all the girls on here who are upset over the exact situation. without knowing her or your relationship it's impossible to know for certain. the only thing I can say is one of the best prices of advice I could ever get or give. you can't see what's through a closed door. the only way to know if you will succeed is to open the door and walk in with your head held high. confidence counts for a lot. it's possible that she has just been waiting for you to make a move. you'll never know until you try, and if your relationship truly is strong, then it will only be strengthened by telling her the truth, whereas it will be undermined over time if you hide your feelings for her, and when she finds someone else, then you just have to sit by and watch their happiness.

  • You may be reading her wrong and risk losing her though


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