What it's like to be sensitive (in a relationship)?


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  • Everyone may think or have different opinions on it.
    1. For others it's something they don't want to deal with it. For example: I have a sensitive partner. He or she thinks the way I hug my friend as if I am cheating. It's like being jealous and paranoid. Or... I did a prank on them and they won't get over it... which some people actually get mad whether if they are not sensitive.
    2. It's cute for others.
    3. Some people might get irritated or stressed out when a sensitive partner keeps feeling a certain way that's negative.
    4. Being negative in a relationship is NOT good, never good.
    5. I don't think there is something wrong but it's really mainly on how both partners would feel.


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  • In my experience it can cause issues. Mostly if the sensitivity leads to overthinking or overreacting

  • Not good in my opinion. If he says one thing I dont like I cry or get upset

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    • Lol whatever byeee

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