How should I ask this girl out?

Been chatting with a girl in one of my college classes and I know she likes me, 100% certainty. We sit next to each other and during our in class assignments, which is every class meeting, we work together. My problem is this, she always arrives a bit late to class and always has to leave early, so I don't really have any time to talk to her either before or after class. How can I ask her out in class without making it awkward for her?


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  • I sit at the same spot every day and work with this girl but it does not mean I'm interested... I am happily take and I just sit there all the time and she seems friendly and smart and I know her now so we're always partners.

    but assuming that you're right and she is into you, I would ask her during one of your assignments near the end when you're just waiting the other groups to finish.

    • I know she likes me, it is VERY obvious that she does.

      Anyway, I'm just trying to keep this as casual and relaxed as possible, just to not put her on the spot with 30 other people watching lol. I'm celebrating my birthday later this week and wanted to invite her for a one on one dinner, so I was thinking of just asking for her number.

    • I'd ask for a first date in person man...

  • Th3 next time u see her.. confront her properly n say her that u wanna meet after the class.. she may ask u.. u cook up a story.. n bingo!

  • Just text her? if she is right next to you in class you can pass a note :)

    • I don't have her number, my birthday is tomorrow and I was planning on celebrating on Friday, so I wanted to invite her out to dinner with me. Figured I'd just mention that and ask for her number.

    • thats a great idea! let her know today itself so she doesn't have plans for Friday :) you are living in age of social media, c'mon get her number from somewhere. there must be some kind of a class group where all these numbers are collated for notifications? I don't know , keep trying. dont be shy, spend time with her or at least ask her out :)

    • happy birthday to you in advance :)

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