I don't really feel attracted to anyone and I've been really trying to get a relationship?

The last time I'd dated someone was when I was thirteen. I can't find anyone that I like and I just don't know what to do. I am sick of getting it off my mind and I just need someone to love. It's hard on me and my sanity.


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  • So you say you aren't attracted to anyone. Do you even want a relationship? Like, why do you want a relationship? What you describe seems totally backwards to me. Usually you find someone attractive, you get to know them and in that process of meeting this really amazing person, you decide you want a relationship.

    There's wanting to have a relationship with someone because you really like them and there's wanting to have a relationship because you love the idea of a relationship. The former strikes me as the correct way to do things while the latter seems like something that's a guaranteed failure.

    • Hi bro! I just wanted to say I quit this post because I just got an amazing girlfriend, and luck has turned my way! I thank you so much! See ya!

    • I was looking for someone similar to me and I couldn't find anyone. I just wanted to talk about it. I don't look for anything special about a person just similarities :)

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