Would it be stupid if I kept seeing this guy?

So this is a friends with benefits situation... i went on a few dates from this guy in my class. Recently we had a talk about what this was and where this was going (i brought it up, he avoids all serious conversations) and he basically just said he broke up with his last girlfriend because he didn't have enough time and he doesn't want to sound harsh but just considers me a friend. We actually went on several dates but has since than told me he thought we were just hanging out. So he will bring me around his friends treat me like his girlfriend pay for my food open the door for me etc. But doesn't want to date. He also told me he isn't seeing other girls right now but snap chats other girls and wouldn't want to be in a relationship because maybe he wants to see other girls.

So i basically just left it off on a good note saying wed be better off as friends then and I don't know i actually kinda know where he is coming from because i broke off my last relationship because i didn't have time for one so i dont know... going back to my original question would i be completely stupid if i kept seeing this guy who doesn't see anything serious in his future?

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Also he is really different from me as i take school more seriously whereas he likes to goof off and party etc. Everytime we hangout with his friends usually they just vape smoke or drink and drive around or sit in their car and talk. Also on a few occasions his friends have insulted me by calling me fat or not hot etc. Which i dont think is true as im not fat hah so short story short his friends are douches just a bit


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What Guys Said 1

  • you deserve a better man and better people to associate with

    • Thanks for that. I feel like i could do better too... or at least i know i want to be with someone who is interested in being in an adult relationship eventually. I am going no contact and moving on haha

    • good for you! I wish you luck and happiness in your future relationships

    • Thank you haha

What Girls Said 2

  • Do t waste you time when there a better guy out there waiting for you.

    • you're so right hah i am currently just going no contact and moving on. It is not worth my emotinal well being haha

  • Been in your shoes before. I kept seeing him even though I wanted more and he "wasn't ready for a relationship with anyone right now"Long story short, if you guys don't want the SAME thing then move on.

    • Alright you're right. It sucks because i could see more like actuall potential in the relationship but he just doesn't take anything seriously hah so i will just have to go no contact and gather my feelings and move on...

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