Would these user names lead you to believe they're from the same person?

The usernames are Man50401 and Mr50501. I'm thinking they are the same person but I'm trying not to be delusional. Another thing is they are exactly on the same site and when I plug in the second username I don't get any results in google, but I do for the first one. I'm asking because I think I might be dealing with the same person, again not trying to be delusional.


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  • I would be more worried about those names. I may just be showing my age but they sound like bot accounts, or fake accounts.

    but they are eerily similar, considering it doesn't seem like thats a popular style username. its probably from the same person

    • They're not bots though I actually know the person from the original username

    • Okay, then yeah. Going only by those names I'd say they're the same

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  • Just pay attention to their wording patterns and use of grammar to find out... everyone has their own distinctive personality- even when talking online.

    Myself for instance... I use tend to use a lot of "-" and "..." which in combination with my speech patterns it makes it easy to identify me.

  • would you like to know?

  • Probably is, are the ages the same?

    • Same height and age...

    • To coincidental, probably is them

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