How does one escape the friend zone?


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  • Let's say there's a girl who you think of as only a friend. She's not someone you ever thought of that way, maybe somewhat attractive to you but not exactly your normal type.

    What can she do to peak your sexual interest and actually cause you to develop a sexual attraction towards her?

    As a blatant example, if she grinds her ass on you and says, "I want to see you ride me from behind," that'll probably do it. At least if that doesn't do it, probably nothing will.

    Same kind of thing for girls. A difference as far as I can tell is that guys tend to respond sexually to feeling a girl's body more than how she touches him. Girls tend to be opposite. They respond more to how you touch them than feeling your body.

    Find a way to seduce the girl when you two are hanging out in private and you'll bounce out of the friend zone. That's what I did with my wife. It involves jamming an emergency stop button on an elevator and grabbing her for a kiss. Fortunately it worked out and she changed her mind about me right then and there.

    • If you can manage to find yourself in the kiss, grab her ass a bit. She might move your hand up but it's good to get a sneak grab there, implant the idea of what it's like for you to touch and grab her body. Make it sexual more than romantic. You can't have her thinking romantic thoughts so much usually until she considers you as a sexual mate.

      You can also exploit the friend-zone that way to hang out with her, "just as a friend", and then utilize any private moments you find with her to seduce her. It all comes down to the seduction as far as I see it.

      The other time I escaped the friend-zone involved a friend who rejected me but we got drunk at a party and ended up making out. That was pretty easy with the heavy intoxication but it was a bit more awkward to work with the next day when we sobered up, but she was willing to give me a chance at that point.

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  • Say "Do you want to go out on a date for like pizza?"

    If she says no then you know she won't date you and you can stop agonizing over it.

    If she says yes then problem solved.

  • talk it out with her. honesty is best policy. tell her you want to be more than friends and why you feel this way. procrastinating could result in losing her to another man


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  • Start dating other girls, sometimes that makes them see you Ina different light and sometimes they get jelly

  • By demonstrating value, IMPROVING MAJOR YOUR VALUE, waiting for to drop her perceived value, or by having self respect:

    Demonstrating value
    1. Get a girl as hot or even hotter than her

    Improving your value:
    2. Women only care really about 3 things: looks, money, social status. Improve on those.

    Waiting for her value to drop
    3. Women will sometime give a male friend a chance they thought they were too good for if they are old and find themselves single or if they got pump and dump by a guy they like and heir self esteem is low.

    Having self respect
    4. You can escape the friendzone by walking away and not being the girl's friend.


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