If beauty pageants objectify women doesn't dating do that as well? You can't deny looks don't matter or can you?

When it comes to dating women and men are shallow, It would be a lie to stay only personality matters as people see your face and body first, how you dress and smell and overall fitness is the prime reason for someone to approach another.


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  • I don't think anyone says personality only matters. That's usually said by (lying) nice guys and liars in general, some girls too to look "open minded".

    The thing is, if it were ONLY looks, then yes it's objectifying. However, very few people date purely on looks alone. You may think men or women only want Big Tit Kelly or Chad Thundercock, but that's typically not the case.

    I do think pageants objectify women, they try to make it seem like they don't with "talent" rounds and asking them intellectual questions (which many of them hilariously bomb) but it's mostly looks. Being willing participants doesn't negate the fact that they've been objectified to mere eye candy.


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  • Well if the pageants do objectify women, then in all absolute technicality so does dating indeed. But the reason why neither of them objectifies women is because women are willing participants in them.

  • No one said magic Mike objectified men.


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