My girlfriend is a gamer... But a different type, what should I do about it?

Hello, basically my girlfriend loves indie games (dota mostly and such) and well I basically...
Hate that stuff, it's incredibly boring playing without an objective (it's always the same). I was wondering what should I do? We both love games and we really want to play together, but I have no idea what to play together, she wants to play dota and I love shooter games. I mean I don't mind playing with her those games, it's just that I don't like them and she just gets mad, because... well I sometimes suck, I'm a complete newbie and I don't really have much motivation...
In any case, is there anythin we could try together? Maybe you'd think I should be motivated to play her games or show like more resolve or something?
I don't know...
Any advice?


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  • I love Indie games too, my boyfriend has a totally different genre that he likes (mainly first person shooters). A great game for if u like first person shooters and she likes indie games would be killing floor but I'm not too sure if there's multiplayer for that... I've only played it once. Also enter the gungeon is pretty good too (it's multiplayer) also try Halo just it's such a good game it's a classic come on!!


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  • I think you should totally play more DOTA and don't rush the spawns. Level up your guy and work together as a team. It gets fun but it requires a patient tactic before you start overtaking enemy towers and eventually take over their entire town. Try a ranged character instead of melee for starters. It makes it easier to hit and run. Melee requires far more expertise.

    • But I don't like those games , - ,
      I'm not bad at them, it's just sooo boring

    • What about Borderlands or Dark Souls? Those can satisfy the action/shooter side you like and maybe some of the RPG/tactical side she likes when you play co-op.

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