How rude is it for a guy to ask a girl out last minute? What goes through the girls head if he does ask her out last minute?

Let's say a guy asks a girl out last minute on the weekend, does it seem like she's just an after thought? What goes through the girl's head and how often will they reject you for it?


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  • what exactly do you mean by ask them out last minute? Like on a Sunday or something? To be fair, for me, it won't really matter, if the girl really likes you then she will say yes and won't make excuses, especially things like that. If she was decent enough she should understand that you was sort of thinking about it all and making sure that you're comfortable. So, it should be fine, after all, there's always another time for a date, right? Hope you find this useful. And also, could you check out my post, I need some manly advice, if so thanks much.


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