Guys, what are some phrases or etc that girls can say for you to get the idea that they like you?

If a girl says something to the effect that your handsome, would you think that she likes you? Do guys like being called "hot"? Personally, I rather use handsome.. not sure if my point will get across. To me, when I call a guy handsome, I think he is hot and very good looking, al overall gentlemen too.


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  • It doesn't matter between hot or handsome to a guy we don't care about the word you use just keep on praising us often and mix it up. Lough at our stupid jokes, make fun of us but not in public and ignore our mistakes

    • Also some girls complement you if they wanna be your friends so just compliment enough or in a way that shows that you want him to ask you out although never say yes the first time just say you are busy so you could choose a day

    • Thank you so much! This is very helpful :)

    • welcome if you want more advice hit me uo

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