Guy keeps talking about the future? (Only been 3 months)?

I don't know about this guy anymore. Some days I think he may be the one for me, some days I'm just like... So we met like in November. I'm a college freshman and he's 23. He wanted to be in relationship like after one month of knowing each other. He also talked about marriage and like how I shouls transfer to his school for my nursing program. I told him how I wanted to be friends for now and not rush things because I want to focus on school and definitely not ready for a relationship (haven't had a boyfriend before). He agreed. Now he says things that kind of make me wonder. Like he's kind of pushy, jokes about killing/kidnapping a lot.. I don't know if it's because he's a criminal justice major. But it kind of irritates me. On the other hand, he is nice, caring, and funny. Like he mentioned how he's sees my worth and how I've made him really happy since he's met me. But I don't know. He's also met my mom, but she emphasized how we should be friends. I'm just gonna see where things go tbh. I just don't want him to control me because I still want to meet other people. He just barely got out of a two year relationship, so I don't know if I'm a rebound. I don't know. Sorry it's long!

Also he texts me and calls me everyday. He got mad at me once because I didn't talk to him for like four days? I don't know


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  • He might like you


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