Should I move on or stay friends?

Met this guy through mutual friends and hit it off, loads in common and really understand/attracted to each other. Met up a few time and then slept together, really affectionate and was really keen/and wanted to keep meeting up etc.
Then he told me he split with ex girlfriend and mother of son of 7 years, split 2 months ago but still lives with her because of the child, he told me the relationship was over a long time ago but doesn't want to stop seeing son. He told me this to my face when we met up.
Then started pulling away and said his ex mentally tortures him, he told me she cheated on him.
So I kind of got upset and freaked out and asked if I was a rebound, guess they are my insecurities from previous experience. So he has gone quiet on me and said he is a mess and is guilty of pushing me away.
I obviously like him loads and care for him.
Do I walk away and cut him off or stay friends? or is that dangerous!
Help please x


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