Girls, Ladies have you ever had a guy/boyfriend/ex boyfriend do something crazy or odd or dangerous for the sake of your love?

They say love hurts, they also say love makes you do crazy things, they also say love is blind. Ladies have you ever had a guy do somthing crazy for the sake of your love and affection? I'm talkin like... Beat someone's ass, steal something, go to jail, rebel against a person with high authority, or even murder? <~(God forbid but it's been done before)

if a guy has ever done something like these things for you and your love, how did it make you feel? Did you get scared and abandon him? Did you think he was crazy and weird and dangerous? Did it make you realize how much he truly loves you? Did you call the cops or tell on him? Or did it bring you closer?
  • I was scared and told him to stay away from me
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  • I just thought he was crazy and weird and dangerous
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  • His actions made me realize how much he truly loves me & I love him
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  • I called the cops or told someone to watch out for this guy
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  • No one has ever done anything crazy/dangerous for the sake of my love
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What Girls Said 2

  • He was poor so he robbed a bank to buy me stuff 😑

    I didn't find that out until the cops broke down his apartment door and he jumped out the window to run. And I had to give them everything as evidence.

    We broke up 😒

    • I'm sorry that it happened that way. You sort of sound like you hate him... (Is that how you feel about him inside)

  • My ex was poor. His mum had no money. He didn't want to admit to me his family is poor so he tried to impress me by covering it up and saying his mum has cancer so they've had to pay for hospital bills that's why they were poor. HE LIED!!! HIS MUM WAS PERFECTLY HEALTHY!!! This man really lied about cancer I was so mad so I just left him that shit is too crazy for me.

    • The real question in this situation is... (Did his wealth truly matter to you?) (would you still have loved him all the same weather he was rich or poor?) did he win your heart over by flaunting cash or did you stop to look deeper inside of him?) no disrespect but if he won you over by being a baller, then your relationship was likely based on a lie and he should blame himself for not finding someone who would accept him for whomever he was... I understand he was probably hypnotized by your love and beauty and maybe you just wanted security but authentic love should never come with a price

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