Why are minority women loved more than minority men in American dating scene?

Even though minority women get loads of 'exotic' stereotypes, they still get praised by it and it helps with perhaps some bad implications at times.

Meanwhile minority men dont get the same praise and if anything have to battle negative stereotypes which emasculate them ( e. g. never having lead /romantic roles).

What do you think?


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  • Society on average as a whole probably still views minority women as desirable (exotic, fetishes, etc.) while minority men are not sexually desirable. And yes there's a can of worms behind the exotic/fetish when it comes to minority women.

    The question you posed is why. Colonization. When white explorers land in another country, you have a lot of horny white men who haven't had sex during that travel by sea. Who is available, local women. They are different, from another country and are viewed as exotic. They conquer and take control of the colony, those in power are white men. (This also opens another potential can of worms which is the impact colonization has on the perception/standards of beauty.) These perceptions of certain minority women looking exotic then persisted to this day.

    As for negative stereotypes that emasculate them, never having the lead or romantic roles in film, that's because Hollywood is pretty white. The ones in control of what films to make are white, you want funding for your film, they need to like it. It might just be easier to slip a movie through casting a white actor instead of a minority one.

    Now, here is where there can be some debate. With the rise of K-Pop and it becoming more mainstream, I definitely have more friends who think Koreans (and Asians in general) as potentially hot/attractive men. Thus it's why I say, in general society as a whole still holds negative stereotypes of minority men, but I do think there is change in the winds.

    • Yea. I'm mestizo but definitely root for Asian media to get more mainstream as it at least gets them more positive exposure, or evens the playing fields or at least gets their women to gain racial pride. Even with that, white is right still applies to them disregarding dark Asians. I really would like positive ( leader, romantic, not sexual fetish) representation for black men as that throws the 'white is right' thinking out the door and thus darker people can start to like their skin color more.

      Hip hop helped black men look cool for a decade which helped blacks and hispanics in US love themselves. But as soon as the white slim fit hipster came in, white men took a monopoly. But with China, Japan, and Korea gaining economic power... I think and actually see more Asian women here say they prefer Asian men as opposed to the mid 2000s.

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    • But Im glad at least one woman is aware of this! lol

    • Haha, yup, at least one, and there are others, just need to find them. And for some, if they don't currently realize this, it might be more due to the fact that it's not a question they've been posed with yet. People live in a bubble, a lot of times they don't realize things because it's not something they've had to think about. There was a well written article by a man who basically said, he became more liberal after he moved to NYC from the rural midwest because he was suddenly faced with minorities and realizing that not all minorities are bad, or having LGBT friends for the first time and realizing their problems are real and valid. I would like to think our generation attempts to be more socially aware, that we examine why we think the things we do, that we attempt to form opinions independent of our natural biases, and that when we see things that contradict our previously held assumptions that we would be willing to change them, just like that man from the midwest.

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