My girlfriend thinks I'm cheating?

My girlfriend usually has the same ol routine and habits since we first got together four years ago, she thinks it's weird for me to try to develop new hobbies, dress styles meeting new people and trying to be as pro-active as possible. The reason I'm always "changing up" is because I've always been a homebody couch potato, but I wanna start staying with the times and staying fresh. I don't wanna be like that anymore and just don't want to be that "predictable" partner that just does the same ol' routine all the time. I hear that's what causes relationships to get boring and may cause partners to stray. I don't like to be predictable all the time, but my girlfriend thinks that being predictable and complacent is the norm. I Don't think that I'm doing anything wrong, or am I?


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  • No, what you are explaining is in no way wrong, but I wonder if you have taken the time to reassure your girl that she is the only one for you. With all the things you are changing she may be fearful that you also want to change partners.

    • Oh no no no, I REFUSE to ever have a cheater mark on my "permanent record" lmao!!!
      I love this girl to death. I'm just trying to expand our horizons together.

    • Be sure to tell her that... I am certain it will help alleviate some of her fears.

    • Yeah thanks. I'mma have to.

  • You're not


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