Is he interested or is he just trying to get laid?

So I met this guy on a dating app. He plans a date for us. The night before the date I am out drinking and he ends up coming to the bar I am at. Things seem to go decent. We go back to my place and he parks the car and we hang out for a while. He asks if he can come in and I say no, but we can go to his place. We go to his place, which is 35 min away. He tries to have sex and I said no. The next day he seemed upset about the night before, but introduced me to his roommate and ordered me an uber bc he was going golfing with his dad. Before I left he asked if we were still on for that night and I said yes. He texted me most of the day and we end up canceling going out and just hang at the house with his roommate. He gets drunk and tries to have sex again. When I said no he asked if I was a virgin. I got upset and turned away from him. The next day he goes is day 3 going to be lucky for me? I told him no. He made reasons for me to hang with him all day on day 3, but gave me mixed vibes on if he was interested or not. He has been texting me most of the days since. Last night he said day 4? So I asked what he meant by it. He didn't elaborate, but I said if you are talking about sex I really like to wait until I know both parties only have one person in mind to do it with. So he responds with I am not sleeping with anyone else. In the time we have been around each other he has introduced me to 3 of his friends. I just can't get a clear read if he is actually interested or not. He has asked to play volleyball 2x with me since as well, to which I said no. Thoughts? Mind you he is a 6'5" ex model who could probably get whoever he wanted.
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What Guys Said 2

  • He probably wants to lay you and given he is a former model he is most likely not afraid introducing you to him friends since it might be part of this play and they might not care for girl number 274 to be introduced to, bro-code and such

  • Looking for another notch on the belt.


What Girls Said 1

  • Trying to get laid


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