I know that she likes me enough to date me so I'm torn between the two of them.

ok so this is kinda complicated but I would truly love some help because I'm very confused.there are two girls in my life one I am currently fooling around with but its nothing serious she is moving in about a month to a different state so she does not want to start a relationship with anyone even tho she likes me.she has said that we can do stuff in public ex: kiss, hold hands and yea but I'm still considered single.i think its kinda stupid but I would like to enjoy the time I have with her.but then there is another girl that I have known since 6th grade I have liked her since the first time I saw her but she has never been single at times when I have.she is now single and so am I "sorta" I know that she likes me enough to date me so I'm torn between the two of them.i don't want to just ditch girl number one because I like her a lot but she has to move so I really don't want to get attached but I would like to hang with her while I can.now girl number two I don't want to wait for too long because I don't know how long she will be available.so please if you took the time to read this give me advice I'm so confused!


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  • With girl #2, if you are just getting started.at least letting her know you are interested and available.which you really are, then nothing is wrong with that. But if that becomes more a reality, then it's time to let #1 go the way she's already headed. Tell her it's not payback or anything.it's just a chance you can't pass up. The only catch is if #1 would really like you to try stop her from leaving or follow to where she is, but won't say it. She may react different if #2 thing gets serious before she moves. But at this time she is saying no. And you have feelings for the other one anyway. It seems kind of cut and dried.


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  • In my opinion go ahead with Girl2 and give it a week and feel if it's something that works between you two. If it works out drop Girl1, [you can't be two timing Girl 2]. If it does not work, you have Girl1 for the time that she is around, which you can use to your advantage to show Girl2 that you don't need her and hence increase your social value. Does that sound like a plan?

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