Does he like me?

About a week ago I texted my crush, and we started talking in a basic conversation, like "what's up" and all. Then surprisingly the conversation went on for about and hour and a half. We were both asking each other questions about each other, and just chatting about other things. Then eventually I said I had to go, because I was going to eat diner. Then, a few days later, we texted again, and talked for about 30 minutes... We usually have been having our conversations late at night. Last night it was really scary and crazy wind outside... so we were both up, and talking about it and I said I hated storms. We texted from 11:30pm until around 1:30am when I said I had to go to bed. We were talking about a bunch of stuff, like where we live around, our pets, and a lot of other stuff. He told me about his pets, and said "maybe we can hangout sometime and you can see them 😂" ... I said "yea that'd be awesome:) " , then we talked for a bit after that. It was around 1am by then so I had to get to bed because we both had school. I've noticed him a lot more than I have before in the halls at school 2, ever since I told him my classes. I'm just not sure if he's being friendly, or if he actually likes me? And I feel like it's 2 early to ask him. Also, I texted him for so long last night, so do u guys think I should text him again tonight? Or would that seem annoying?


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  • Yep he likes you. He wouldn't ask you to hang out with him if he didn't. This could be the beginning of something beautiful 😌

    • Thank you for the polite answer! I do have another question if you don't mind answering... The topic of us hanging out hasn't come up today or tonight at all. Do u think I should bring it up with him? Maybe ask if he wants to go to get a hot chocolate or something? Or would it seem annoying to him if I text him again, as we just spoke last night (around 1:00am)... I think I just fear being rejected, and I fear he was joking and doesn't like me that way. Of course I probably sound very silly! I just need an opinion on what to do.

    • lol you're so sweet! I think it's fine to ask him tonight. Maybe just say - hey do you wanna get a hot chocolate after school some time if you're free. That way you're not being pushy and it gives him time to work out when he can catch up with you. The trick is to keep it simple with no pressure. Also don't be discouraged if he says no. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. But hey if you never ask, you'll never know. I hope it works out for you because you sound like a keeper 😊

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  • It's hard to determine whetever he likes you or not. You need to pay attention for longer time than this. Does he talk to you at school? If he's ignoring you, then it may be a bad sign and you shouldn't neglect it. However if it was always you the first one texting him, you should now stop and see if he messages you or not.

    • The first time we actually talked was on snapchat and I started the conversation. The past 2 times we've talked, he has replied to my snap story and started the conversation. I'm quite shy at school, so I tend to be alone and avoid people. This is why I rarely see him unless he walks past me while I'm waiting for my class to start. Now when we were talking about his pets, he said "maybe we should hangout sometime so you can see them 😂" , I said "ya that'd be awesome!" ... and we moved onto the convo from there. Do u think I should maybe ask him to have a coffee or something after school one day? Or would that be a bad idea.. I'm just worried he'll say no because of past experiences with other guys. You think I should just go for it and see what he says?

    • What i think is the first time at least he should be the one pursuing you. He should ask you out first so you don't come off as needy.

      Give him time, act nice, be yourself and he just might.

      Just because you've had bad experience, it doesn't mean bad things will happen again. Just let the destiny take it's role.

  • It sounds like he likes you! Would he message you if you didn't message him though? Try it out

    • I'm not sure if this counts, but last time we talked he replied to my Snapchat story and that's how our convo started. I'm just worried he won't text me because we're both afraid of the same things (ie... being annoying, worried the other person isn't interested)... However I don't know that. I haven't texted him tonight. I'm debating on whether or not I should ask him to get a coffee or something after school one day? I guess I just have fear of rejection. And I really am quite shy!

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