Why does this girl keep saying she has dreams of me?

i ask her if she will go out with me on what is basically a date she says yes she can't do that weekend so we do the weekend after it comes to that weekend I realise I can't do it so we say we will go the week after it comes to then she says she can't go I say are you sure want to come the weekend after she says I'll think about it. The thing is I don't know how she feels about me because one minute she is bieng a bitch the next it's like we're best friends she is a very awkward person and undecisive I've known her fee ages and fanced her basically since I met her. And it seems she keeps have dreams about me like nearly every time i walk home with me she says she has had a dream with me in it is. Why


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  • She might just be trying to show you she likes you but be going about it the wrong way


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