Is this ghosting? Or am I overthinking again? I always seem to mess up? What do I do? So confused?

met a guy halfway through January and we've been on two dates. We both agreed that we didn't want a relationship right now and we would date and see where it went. We both said we would talk about it after a few months and see where it went. We are both going on separate girlie/lad holidays in August and said we would talk properly after that and see how we feel. We were texting non stop everyday but for the last few days, it has seriously dwindled. I told him I was free from work until Thursday and he said he was working 6 days a week doing overtime and said that we will arrange to do something again when we were both free. He's trying to save as much money as he can to pay off his holiday. He told me today that he's working tonight but off tomorrow. I've send him a message saying "I got an idea if you're up for it?" I was thinking of asking him down. I'm worried though cos he hasn't been as responsive as usual and I'm wondering if he's losing interest or if he really is just tired. We live about an hour apart and he told me he doesn't mind the travelling cos it's worth it. Am I reading too much into the less texting? Do guys really not place much on texting like us girls do? I just want to get to know him better but it's gonna be hard if he's working massive overtime for the next 5 weeks like he said. I tried calling him today but no answer and he hasn't been online in nearly two days. Am I overthinking?


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  • From a relationship coaches lens, yay, I think you're overthinking it. You may be right but based on what you've stated so far, I wouldn't make the mental leap that he's ignoring you yet. Give him the benefit of the doubt that he is working really long hours and is more tired lately. BUT, just to keep things in perspective, don't keep texting him if he's not reciprocating. In other words, don't toss him out but limit your communication to him. If he misses you, he'll reciprocate and reach out. Make sense?

    • Yeah he does makes sense! My problem is I always overthink stuff all the time! He hasn't been online or anything in nearly two days. I haven't text him too much. I replied to his message last night and sent him one today about why I called him. He hasn't read them or opened my snaps so I assumed the worst as always.

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    • Well said my friend.

    • I'm just worried that something's happened to him cod he hasn't been online in so long

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