Guy texted me for 4 days, told him I'm bored of texting and he says sorry/disappears?

So online guy and I have been texting.
Just texting everyday... not going anywhere He's bland with his text and doesn't ask anything.. just replies with things. Always seemed spacey but he says he smokes weed.
i asked to meet him one week. He said sure, but not this week he's crazy busy. We both agreed to next week.
We text the next day, he says he just came from the movies. I thought oh? I thought he was crazy busy but I ignored it. We text the next day, at this rate I feel like I'm being played. I tell him It's been entertaining to talk but I'm bored. Let me know if you want to meet up. Gn.
He replies, I bore you huh? Sorry I'm better face to face.
I told him he didn't seem like he wanted to meet me.
he says he definitely wants to meet me but he's been stressed because his mom is getting surgery this week.
That he's sorry for brushing me off and being spacey.
I told him it's alright and to text me when he's free or need distressing. He said absolutely mentioning it to you makes him feel better. Says he will talk to me soon.
I haven't heard from him all day. He usually texts good morning and night each day. Where do you think he went?


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  • You two haven't even even met and you're expecting to be in contact everyday, what do you expect? He owes you nothing and is currently busy with other things in his life, like his mom's health. You're being too needy and expecting too much too soon. He's interested in you, otherwise he wouldn't have been in contact with you. You told him texting bores you so he'll probably text you again when he knows he can set up a definitive date. You need to relax.

    • I know, I'm just trying not to be played. I came out of a bad relationship and I'm just getting back out there. He actually just texted me just a few minutes ago saying what's up... so I'm just being my normal self...
      I feel bad because I told him he bores me when he doesn't... it's just texting that does and I want to meet him.

    • Yea I get you, too bad a lot of guys don't get this... and lucky for me I know this haha

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  • He's probably trying to think of something that won't bore you

    • I don't know. I wonder why he disappeared. I told him I didn't mean to be rude or anything.

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  • So you were bored of him texting you, he stops texting you, now you wonder why he hasn't text you?

    • I think, a little tolerance would go a long way in this case

    • He just texted me an hour ago saying what's up?
      So I don't think he was bothered by it or he thinks this is a fun game to him...

    • I wasn't necessarily bored of texting him.
      He just wasn't showing interest or signs that he wanted to meet me. I don't mind texting but I need to know that I'm going to meet him too...

  • You told him you were bored of texting him and then you wonder why he doesn't text you back. Astonishing.

    • I told him I was bored and then I told him I thought he wasn't interested so I backed off.
      He said that's not the case and it's not you and he's stressed about his mom.
      He just texted me today so he obviously doesn't care if I'm bored or not. Either he's playing a game or I don't know..
      That's why I came on here. Astonishing

  • He's a pussy.

    • How so? For ignoring or for just texting?

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    • Guys don't really work like that. He wouldn't text you for no tangible reason.

    • Really? I thought guys do that all the time when they're bored in their relationship...

  • Tell him to F***k off

  • I think he's really stressed coz his mom not OK and he doesn't want to see before he's mom be OK, to be spontaneous and chill with you.. just say hi to him..

    • He just text me saying what's up...
      Yeah I understand that.

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    • He didn't say specifically. He said in a few dayd

    • mmm, I see , try ask him and be patient

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