Is he crushing? what do I do?

I have a crush on this guy and he told my friend he thinks I'm pretty and we just mess with eachother. so I walk him to one of his classes and yesterday we walked down the main staire case then today this girl walked inbetween us and started talking to him and I walked there awkwardly and then he went a different direction from where we took yesterday, he was being a gentleman he let me walk out of the classroom first and he waited for me to get on the same step as him. we basically just smile at eachother and laugh. sometimes in class he will turn around and jokingly say umm... didn't the teacher say be quite and it's a joke and stuff. but I sit next to him in la any tips on how to go deeper and get to know him without being awkward and what do I do?

my teacher knows I like him and he's in my group and she said turn around don't disrespect your group and I knoew you don't want to disrespect (his name) and he smiled and said to me yay don't be disrespectfull and when I see him in the hall he will give me a little smile and I saw him after school and he waved and I was in line waiting for the microwave and he was in line and he looked back at me 2 times then I finally made eye contact and we talked


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  • If you like him then tell him, then you'll know Cus he'll tell you how he feels but then again he isn't making any moves so I dunno

  • No he isn't


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