I never see girls making eye contact with anyone in collage why would that be? Its like they all have bfs?

How would someone get a signal to approach if she doesn't even look at anyone?


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  • Haha, they don't all have boyfriends. It's more like, lecture is so large and I'm going to class with a bunch of strangers, why am I going to hold someone's gaze, I don't know if they're single or taken or a player? Plus if it's morning, I'm too sleepy to try to flirt. Chances are I also only came into class right on time so my eye's on an empty chair that I can reach without disturbing someone or my eye's looking for my friends who saved me a seat.

    • No like even when they leave the lecture or in the break its like they are focused on a magical unicorn right in front of them

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    • then how do i know if a girl is interested in those kind of things if she doesn't contribute?

    • Talk to her? Become her friend? Most of the people that I know who dated in college dated someone from their friend group, someone they had class with (usually became friends with them and then dated), someone who was in the same club/extra-curricular activity. Honestly, it's probably easier to go the friend group/extra-curricular route.

  • What's "collage"?


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  • they don't look because they want to keep an image about themselves
    not because they're in relationship or they don't like guys
    so you need to find the right way to handle such things


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