Is it okay for me to pursue a younger guy?

So I'm a junior at 16, and have a small crush on this freshman who I assume is 14. Is it OK that I'm trying to flirt with him enough so that he'll ask me to prom?


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  • I dont see why not, if your into him it shouldn't matter if he's a freshmen or not


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  • not it isn't okay at all

    • But why not? When I was 12, I was pursued by a 14 year old. And in the past I've always had guys two or more years older liking me. I mean, I just want to know why you think its not?

    • that's wrong too! When you're in your teens 2 years is a big difference maturity wise. It screams I'm desperate because I can't get anyone my age which is just sad

    • Well to be fair I look older for my age then I am and also act pretty mature, so most those guys didn't know until later. Ah, but I legitimately like him though? I mean yeah, he's kinda immature, but he has a brother that I'm friends with whose a little older than me that I would say the 14yo (maybe 15, idk) seems older than if we're just looking at personalities. And it's true I can't get hardly anyone my age, my entire friend group is a year or two younger than me except for a few who are my age or a year older. I mean I can get older guys too if I really want to, but that's where I get the nickname jailbait because all the ones who hit on me are in college. xD I don't mind though, I honestly can't tell a difference between the levels of immaturity in high school boys. Plus I mostly just want someone I can be silly with and dance close to. My family is being judgmental too... I'm just trying to understand why it's seen as bad.

  • It's fine.

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