Why don't males like dating girls that have a baby?

I've heard so many males say that it horrible ? what's the go with that what's wrong with it ? like seriously ?

is it a turn off , and if your a male and below 18 please answer this... would you dump your girlfriend if she fell pregnant?
i would never get an abortion


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  • Well if the girls were around your age having a baby is kind of a large "I suck at making good decisions" sign. Another thing that probably plays a role is that getting in situations where you're taking care of other peoples babies instead of your own is not really a sound strategy as far as evolution goes. Lions take this one step further where they kill cubs that aren't theirs but I suppose in humans such behavior is unlikely to get you in a stable relationship...

    Finally they may not want to compete for time and attention and girls with a baby definitely have less freedom to go out and party, stay up late, go away for a couple of days, and so forth.

    Below a certain age girls with babies are a rather small minority so skipping them entirely has no real downside for guys.

    • After update:

      Of course not that's why god invented abortions ;-)

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  • Because raising a baby young means having to grow up fast and assume a lot of responsibilities nobody that young should have to assume. And regardless of whether the father is still in the picture or not, dating a girl with a baby means having to take on the role of a father figure. That's too much to ask someone so young.

    On top of that, it just shows you have poor decision making skills and that your life is going downhill. Men don't want to get dragged down with you.

  • there moaning poo machines if your young you don't want a kid holding you down plus if to go into dating a girl with a kid its a big step and responsibilty looms some men just ain't ready for that


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  • its probably because if the baby isn't there they have a preconceived notion that the girl is damaged goods.. however.. if the girl is super super hot they might make an exception.. harsh to make such a generalisation but I'd assume that's what they are thinking and just not saying...