How do you date when you have no car, no job and live with parents?

so im 19 and i wonder how this works. like honestly im sure some guys can charm girls nonetheless probably cause they have the confidence. But honestly I dont know how i could have confidence with dating when i have these 3 factors. i know NOTHING about dating just saying. my high school experience was weird. I was well liked and had acquaintances but never made a friend. Girls liked me, but i was too lazy and to scared to date. Now i just dont know how the fuck dating works. All i know about it was what i see on TV and movies, and it usually has the guy whos has his own place, his own vehicle, and a job. Maybe the car isn't important if you live in the city or something but honestly im confused as hell how this works. Also, i dont know where the hell to meet girls. Failed highschool and didn't go to college. I am getting my GED and im going to pick up a skilled trade and become an electrician. but trades schools have mostly a male demographic unlike traditional college. what the hell do i do i have no clue how the world works :s


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  • You ask a girl out. If she likes you she will say yes. You can meet girls through friends or school/college if you still go. Or you can use dating apps


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  • Dating... should be the LAST THING on your mind. You said you were lazy...
    I only got one thing to say... fix yourself mate.
    Start small...
    How do you fail high school? nothing wrong with staying with your parents... bad economy, but show your upside... advertise that side...

    • how i failed high school? still a mystery to me. it was only 2 years ago i started screwing up and it all seems pretty blurry. i did well in school until grade 11 which is when things got a bit harder, and when I also became super depressed and it affected pretty much everything in my life. Still affects me heavily but I have gotten better. not sure if was all caused by poor mental health problems, or i just turned slow out of the blue

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    • what do you mean?

    • means be patient lol...

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