Why do I feel like no-one ever likes me?

It's kind of sad that no body seems to like me. I'm not ugly and have a semi attractive face but I feel like no one ever likes me. All of my friends are getting boyfriends and going on dates but it seems to completely miss me. I want to do these things but nobody ever gives me a chance. I know people say wait when your young but no one has ever hit me up. It gets me really down because no boys ever think I am cute. Sorry for the rant, I am just tired of feeling like this. It hurts that nobody shows any interest...


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  • @loverdude

    You should learn from her response. Never take girls seriously. Here you have one complaining about how no one likes her, and that nobody shows interest. Then she labels you as creepy for showing interest.

    This is why i don't take any girls seriously. I suggest you learn from this...

    • Nah just a weird thing cause of the age

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  • I have the same thing too! All my friends have had more than three boyfriends, and I can't even get one. A guy asked me out once though, bit he was a player so I declined him. But I think I can help.

    Maybe you smell bad? No offense. Or maybe there's a guy in one of your classes who likes you but is too shy to admit it. If you are also shy, you need to master up some courage.

    But don't rush things. You have your whole life ahead of you to find the perfect guy. Hopefully we both find good guys 😏😜


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  • It's because you are doing the same thing that every other girl/woman does.

    You are sitting there in the dark and expecting some guy to grab you and run away with you.
    go up to a guy and tell him you find him interesting. Ask him to go someplace.

  • Oh don't worry
    You should start going out more
    Parties and all that u will find a guy
    And I wish I could see ur face as well

    • I would go to parties but I don't get invited or told about any...

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    • That sounds creepy my man

    • Okay then

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