Girls, To what extent do you like male body hair removal?

Now not everyone has the perfect amount of body hair naturally, unfortunately some of us men have lots of overgrown body hair almost everywhere.
It sucks, yeah we do understand how much more it sucks for you all who have to be in relationship with such men, am sorry about that.
You can anytime choose to reject and dump us :) we deserve it for sure!

But still if I ask , to what level of hair removal would you prefer on a super hairy man.
Shave everywhere once a week?
Get professional waxing everywhere?
Just trim the torso to make it slightly tidy, keep it around 1/1.5 inches long?
Leave it as it is? Haha that's ugly , bit still !! :/
Did I write bit too much?


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  • Trim the torso slightly or leave it. Only thing I expect shaved are pubes

    • Shave the groin pit and shoulders/ upper arms?
      When you say trim it, then it means just trim it so that it's not messy wild long or you mean cut it closely against the skin?

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    • Actually I did said that in my original answer.

      You're going to ask the same question over and over AND have an attitude about it? I'm just not going to answer anymore

    • Have an attitude about it, lol, nah!!

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