How do I know whether she is interested in me or not?

I knew a women she works as a receptionist and I am interested in her, I want to ask her for coffee but don't know what she thinks so please give me some suggestions so that I can approach her


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  • Well you never really know if she likes you unless you have some form of contact with her. here's what i would do, go up to her desk with a tray of coffee in your hand as if your getting some for everyone in the office tell you have an extra one and see if shell take it. If she does go back to her later ask her how it was and then say something along the lines of how about we pick some up together next time? If she doesn't take it then ask her what she usually drinks instead and see if shell go out with you to get whatever that is. Some people might think this is super cheesy but hey at least shell dig your confidence!


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