What should I do when this guy doesn't give me his number? So confused please help?

Need help !! There is a guy I'm interested in and we have had a few conversations. He knows I find him attractive since I told him he's gorgeous and he told me the same as well. Today I asked him for his number and he flirted and ask well what do you want my number for in a flirtatious way. He goes on to tell me he's studying and that's is main focus and tells me about different aspects of his life needless to say I didn't get his number. However he asked me if it bothered me him not giving me the number. His friend told me to ask him first since he's shy ! What should I do now?


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  • Well.. if he is shy he wouldn't hv talked to u. m I'm sure he ain't shy when it comes to dating a girl.. though he mi8 b shy in other work stuffs or something.. but he played on u nicely.. he want you to crave mor for his number.. to talk to him.. to meet him.. n go out n all.. just wait for the moment.. or create one!!

    This cud be done in certain ways.. like.. may b u see him outside.. ask him out.. go out randomly.. let him get to explore ur nice n wild side at the same time.. that wy u cn make him drool.. lol !!

    • I don't know it's so hard to understand it's weird like I said in the other reply he was nice and flirtatious but told me his finical dilemma and I don't know it was weird

    • relax girl.. talk to him more often.. that way only u cn make him glued to u.. n then u would hv a chance that he is into u always.. happy luck !!😊

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  • Nothing. He is not that into you or he doesn't want to be in a relationship or he is currently dating someone else


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  • didn't you ask already? what did you say about him not giving you his number? Are you going to ask again? It fine to do so, but it sounds like he likes to play games so be careful

    • When he asked how did I feel after I said it's fine everything is good! I feel like I came off strong there is a cultural barrier too I hope I didn't offend him. And I won't ask him again if anything I'll just give him my number but I'm not desperate so I don't know

    • yea I wouldn't give him your number until he ask for it or week or two after this situation happened.

  • If he wanted you to have his number, you'd have it. He rejected you in a flirtatious way because girls and dating are not his priority. They are a distraction and take up a lot of time and emotion, all that could be better spent on life goals and improving himself.

    What should you do now? Nothing...

    • No dear.. i don't think so he rejected her out.. he actually wants her to come up hard.. work hard to get even his number... i hv been a kinda this guy earlier in my life.. so i cn tell that easily.. hehe

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    • @mrinalashesh007 is there anything else or should I just play the waiting game and keep up conversation?

    • No u got to kick the guys ass for being a jerk to u.. if u want ☺

      I would hv done that obviously!

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