Confused? Should I forget about this guy? Is he NOT interested or?

I met this guy a few weeks back in a class of mine, he's the teachers assistant. he's a senior as am I. We matched on tinder the day BEFORE the class started. Then we met in class. Didn't bring it up until I messaged him on tinder and he responded that yeah "he recognized me in class!" I didn't send anything back for a week, after we had another class, & nothing happened between us since it's a busy class. I messaged him "I think you're really cute." on this last weekend. I was hoping for a response but nothing. The weekend passed, our class was today.. and I ignored him purposely. Didn't look his way unless he approached my group. I don't know if he noticed. But I did notice he looked at me often, or he wandered around my area often. Maybe its in my head. when he came to my group to ask if we had questions he only looked at me. Or when I walked in the room, his eyes went straight to me, and the same as when I left. I don't get him. He's nerdier, I go to a nerdy college, and I'm a little eccentric. I feel like I stick out because i wear colorful makeup and edgier clothing. I feel like nerdier guys don't like girls who wear a lot of makeup. I don't know if this is true. he still has me as a match on tinder but he ignored my flirty attempt when I messaged him on tinder. He's just not interested right? Should I just give up on him?


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  • Yeah he isn't


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