Girls, Would you consider these dates? Is she aware of my intents?

she broke up with me because she had a lot going on, very busy and I saw her point. She still loved me, couldn't deal with a relationship. I decided to give her time to herself. About a week and a half later, asked her to dinner and to talk. When we talked, I discussed going out some nights. I told her just being friends wasn't my intent, didn't think I could just be friends.

took her to dinner and movie last night. This morning I was going to a coffee shop, so texted to see if she wanted anything. She said she already had coffee the texted to tell me I was welcome to come by for a bit, so I went over for an hour.

I wonder if she is well aware of my intentions, hoping so


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  • I'm sure this isn't what you want to hear. My guess would be is that she is aware, but is hoping that if she ignores it, it will go away.

    From what you have said her reasons for breaking up have not changed. You don't break up because of a busy week. It's likely that she just wasn't feeling it and has decided to make herself or her work more of a priority right now.

    If you have been clear that you will not be "just friends" than stick with that. It's your choice if you can be ok with things as they are (non romantic) or would rather leave.

    • This hasn't been just a busy week, or even just a month, her ex husband is fighting her for assets from when they got divorced and making things difficult on her and her kids. She has court dates coming up, he is doing everything he can to make things hard on her out of spite. I wasn't in the picture at all until after she was legally divorced.

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