Does it sound like this guy likes me?

So I've been talking w this new guy, and we've been flirting a lot.. our first date is this weekend... our recent convo he told me how he was starving after working on his car and I said "bet you wish you had some of my food ;)"

Him: Why must you torture me, devil woman!!
(Few min goes by and he texts again lol)
Him: I was just kiddin! Why'd you disappeareded?
Me: Bc you're a meanie 😋😉nazi... jew... devil woman. what's next?
Him: Maybe I have a thing for Nazi Jew Devil women who have curly hair lol

what do you guys think? & by the way the Jew comment was really when he tried to use it in a "sexy Spanish voice" telling me I was pretty lol but I busted his balls again


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  • This guy is obviously into you. He even texted a second time before you replied in fear that he hurt your feelings with his joke lol. Full speed ahead! He likes you :)


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  • Yes, he likes you. Not all that uncommon for new couples to have silly conversations, baby talk and other stuff that sounds sooo weird to someone close enough to be eavesdropping on them. However if the silly talk goes over the line enough to push your buttons, let him know so he doesn't get you mad at him and not know why you are mad at him.

    Good luck!!


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  • don't listen to that other guy who said he playing mind games. He neither into you or is entertaining the thought of being with you. Either way it sounds like he interested in you by what it seems like.

  • he likes you.

  • the whole convo is terrible. those names are not conducive to a healthy relationship at all

  • I think he's into head games. Proceed with caution.


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